Welcome to the SourceBans webpage for DFS!

Let me explain how things work around here in case you're new to SourceBans.

SourceBans is used to handle all the server bans and mutes/gags. That means you will find all kicks, bans, mutes and gags on this webpage. Very handy right? If you ever want to look up the reason for a ban as an example, or the duration of a ban, then you will find all of that here.


SourceBans consists of the following pages:

  • Dashboard
    • This is the webpage that you're in right now. Think of it as a central hub for everything.
  • Servers
    • This page lists both DFS servers and show you the amount of players and the current map. Clicking on a server will show you even more information, such as the players on it.
  • Bans
    • In here you will find all the bans on players. Click on a ban for more info.
  • Comms
    • In here you will find all the communication mutes/gags on players. Click on a mute/gag for more info.
  • Report Player
    • Takes you to the DFS forums where you can submit reports.
  • Appeal Ban
    • Takes you to the DFS forums where you can appeal your ban.
  • Admin Panel
    • Only visible and used for staff members.



Q: How do I report a player that is breaking the server rules?
A: Make a report on the DFS Boards forums, click here for more instructions.

Q: Help I have been banned and I don't know why!
A: Go to the ban list and search for your playername, then click on the ban to see the reason. If attempts to view a ban doesn't do anything, refresh the webpage and then try again.

Q: I want to get unbanned, how do I make a ban appeal?
A: To make a ban appeal you first need an account in the DFS forums located here: http://dfs.boards.net/

Then head over to the Ban Appeals section and take a good look at the "How to appeal ban" thread: http://dfs.boards.net/thread/35/appeal-ban
Be sure your ban appeal matches the format, or we will most likely decline it.

Q: Do I need an account for SourceBans so I can look at the Ban List and so forth?
A: No, everything is displayed to the public so no accounts are necessary.

MOD OS VAC Hostname Players Map
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Latest Added Bans Total bans: 392
MOD Date/Time Name Length
MOD 06-17-18 13:33 h2o is gay alt account Permanent
MOD 06-17-18 01:57 Nicky 1 d (E)
MOD 06-16-18 10:25 h2o is gay Permanent
MOD 06-12-18 18:53 H0OV33 1 d (E)
MOD 06-12-18 17:14 Mega Medic Main 3 d (E)
MOD 06-12-18 13:44 [DFS]Veaconeゴゴゴゴ 1 d (E)
MOD 06-10-18 05:47 Mega Medic Main 1 d (E)
MOD 06-10-18 02:01 Gquadej96 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-09-18 19:31 [DFS]Jotaro Kujo Permanent
MOD 06-08-18 23:12 [DFS] NightmareSylvΩ 2 d (E)

Latest Players Blocked Total Stopped: 571
  Date/Time Name
Blocked Player 06-16-18 12:21 h₂o is gay
Blocked Player 06-16-18 12:17 h₂o is gay
Blocked Player 06-14-18 19:34 CoolDaddy420
Blocked Player 06-11-18 22:37 Я| Guilherme
Blocked Player 06-11-18 01:33 Mega Medic Main
Blocked Player 06-11-18 01:32 Mega Medic Main
Blocked Player 06-10-18 22:23 Я| Guilherme
Blocked Player 06-09-18 20:36 Jotaro Kujo
Blocked Player 06-08-18 22:59 furry infestation 2020
Blocked Player 06-07-18 21:32 Docento
Latest Comm Blocks Total blocks: 2302
Type Date/Time Name Length
MOD 06-17-18 19:44 antony[new mouse] 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-17-18 12:45 Sir Tomi 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-17-18 04:57 TheYammi 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-16-18 19:14 Matt 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-16-18 19:04 [DFS] SkullGreymon123 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-16-18 19:03 RS 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-16-18 19:01 Bone 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-16-18 17:58 POOT 1 hr (E)
MOD 06-15-18 22:33 Iron Steak 2 wk (U)
MOD 06-15-18 21:22 Nexion 1 hr (E)